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How we achieved to be Premium CCcam Server?

We achieved best pay premium server in Europe price, for our work,  and close contact with our users.
Premium CCcam server support agents have highest response percentage share, with over 100% support questions with reply.
Also, our main advantage is super fast response time for our premium team.
In january 2017 , Premium  server started to provide free IPTV list to all customers.
So from number of 100 free channels Premium CCCam now have over 1000 IPTV channels for free.
Due to that and our rating page, we can only determine that we are best cccam server in the world.
For that , we use more than 20 Loadbalancing servers.

Beside that If usage is high, server automatically transfer client line to lowest usage server.
We recently addopted Anti Freeze protocol completly developed by premium cccam server.

It is 6.1 16x revision 32 times faster then regular anti freeze.
Also our team developed complete VPN secure protection for every user and on every server.
Due to that we provide fastest Zap times on all pacakges available on CCcam servers.
Main advantage of our product is Price / Overal quality service.
At very cheap price you will get perfect quality , and IPTV line as gift
Despite other products on market, we provide CCcam test from real production server.

You can check quality and strenght of our server by testing it.
So, if you want to be part of best premium server, simply contact us.We respond to every message.

Also we provide discount offer valid weekly monthly and also special offers per your requests.
Feel free to contact and see why we are best. 

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Benefits of our CCcam Server

This technical innovation definitely has benefits to its users, the card sharers. Consider this scenario.

You are flipping the many channels on your TV. You passed by several channels which you have heard about or may have known their contents. That is reason to contact our support experts because they will give you advice how to overcome that issue.

Also regular satellite dish receiver can only show you your paid-for channels. You cannot unlock (decrypt) the other channels that are closed without paying.

First, your system is not designed to support card-sharing.  Second, it is unable to run the software for CCcam protocol.

Third and most importantly.

Contact our support team if you have any questions.

Easy use of Pay CCcam Server

In this modern days, use of this service has been much easier then before. Despite all efforts, Premium CCcam is still best provider in Europe, and most likely worldwide. Related to that, in first place we can offer an easy setup, lot of tutorials, really best Customer suport, and also on first place best quality for one CCcam Server. What we can say about our servers, is that we can offer lowest ping and latency times, which indirectly means fastest zapping times provided by our Anycast network with more than 20 servers locations in Europe.

So by multiple rankings , Premium CCcam was ranked on all as best CCcam server in Europe, which gives some pretty big head up for consumers, and gives them a easy access. Followed by state of art network speeds in our datacenters across Europe, we can surely provide you clear and freeze free contect on any of your devices.Also one clear signal why you should trust this service is that we will remind you before your order is due, so that you do not end with no signal message in your player.