****Interested resellers, please contact us , to get reseller panel login data.****
Become Oscam CCcam Server resellers

UPDATE 09.12.2019- ISSUE: SKY DE fully working through our system, with SKY 1 and Dazn and Trendsport
Update 18.05.2017- ISSUE: SKY UK not working.Please be aware
UPDATE 02.01.2019- EXCLUSIVE: Added NC+ 4K on Hotbird 13 East and Love Nature 4K 13 East.
UPDATE 20.12.2018- Additional optimization for HD+, Unitymedia, Vodafone Kabel DE, NC+, KabelKiosk 9E
UPDATE 31.10.2018- New: Orange Sat 16E added, Antik Sat SK added
UPDATE 17.10.2018- New: HD+ card added, CD NORDIC card added, ORF card added
UPDATE 22.09.2018- Viasat 0940 new card added.
UPDATE 21.09.2018- Added new Skylink card 0624
UPDATE 14.09.2018- 4K Channels added: RTL UHD 19.2 EAST, Travel XP 4K
Update 28.07.2018- Antifreeze system V6.1 relesed on all servers
Update 22.07.2018- NEW: All Servers now use VPN/Tunnel proxy server for maximum protection
We accept:
Cccam server Best cccam Top cccam server verified cccam pay cccam
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pay cccam server [email protected]              CCcamuniversal.cardshare

Server news

We just want to give you small overview of work that we do for you and below this text and above this text you can find that content.

Update 30.12.2018- NEW: Antifreeze V4.0 added to all servers
Update 05.04.2018- New backup server and 5 new cards added.
Update 20.03.2018- Added 5 New backup Servers to Main server.
Update 18.03.2018- Lot of new cards added: UPC, ZON,MEO,HD+,Viasat Nordic, Canal nordic, SKY and more..
Update 12.03.2018- New cards SKY DE, Movistar +, C+ NL
no freeze cccam
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We have rare and unique card!
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No freeze server

Only some of our advantages: Premium server 7 euros per month.All packages on dedicated server Gigabit
connection ,24/7 online.Newcamd,MGcamd,CCCam.CCCam.prio specially made for this server.

cccam servers europe


Package list:
42.0°E - D Smart
39.0°E - Bulsat
39.0°E - Dolce Romania
36.0°E - NTV +Russia SD & HD
31.5°E - Setanta Sport EURASIA
28.2°E - Sky UK not working anymore
23.5°E - Skylink
23.5°E - Canal Digitaal Netherlands
23.5°E - TV Vlaanderen Digitaal
23.5°E - Eleven Sport Pro League Belgium ( over OSCAM only, require dvbapi change )
19.2°E - Movistar+ (Digital+) Espana HD
19.2°E - Canal Digitaal NL
19.2°E - Sky Deutschland HD ( over OSCAM only, DAZN working, SKY 1 working, Trendsport working )
19.2°E - TV Vlaanderen Digitaal
19.2°E - HD+ Deutschland HD with Eurosport 2 HD XTRA and 4k channel
19.2°E - Austriasat Private Channels
19.2°E - MTV Networks HD
19.2°E - ORF Digital HD
19.2°E - Viacom HD
19.2°E - TNT SAT HD ( only on oscam )
19.2°E - Hustler, Vivid, Brazzers XXX
16.0°E - TEAM:SAT (BiH)
16.0°E - Max TV Sat (HR) SD and HD
16.0°E - Pink Media Group (SRB)- Work again
16.0°E - HRT (HR)
16.0°E - AntikSat
16.0°E - Orange SAT SK ( FULL package )
13.0°E - ALL XXX
13.0°E - Cyfrowy Polsat HD
13.0°E - NC+ HD (Cyfra+) with 4K Channel
13.0°E – Canal Plus Poland 4K (only over oscam and require skip cw check for 1884)
13.0°E - Love Nature 4K, Museum 4K
13.0°E - My Zen 4K, Travel XP 4K
13.0°E - SRG SSR Swiss HD
13.0°E - Mediaset Premium
13.0°E - Tivusat HD with Rai 4k
13.0°E - GlobeCast
13.0°E - Viacom Media HD
13.0°E - TeleSat HD with RTL TVI HD
13.0°E - Full Eurosport Package
9.0°E - Kabel kiosk HD
4.8°E - Viasat Sweden (Not working)
1.9°E - Polaris
1.9°E - Neosat Bulgaria
0.8°W - Canal Digital Nordic HD Swe/Fin/Nor/Dk
0.8°W - Digi TV HU/RO
0.8°W - UPC Direct HD Full
0.8°W - FreeSat HD
0.8°W - Focus Sat Full
5.0°W - Fransat ( part of channels )
5.0°W - Mediaset Premium
7.0°W – ART
30.0°W - MEO HD Full
30.0°W - Zon TV Cabo HD Full
Cable and DTT:
Virgin media – Not working (channels available over IPTV)
Mediaset DTT Italy
Vodafone Kabel DE
PYUR Cable Private HD Channels
UPC Cablecom Swiss

TeleFoot France Over IPTV

Free IPTV plan:

FREE IPTV Plan will be provided upon subscribing and it consists from popular channels all around world and also VOD movies which are updated weekly.

Plan will be active for whole your subscription period completly FREE. It can be used on Smart TV, PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Android Box, Enigma 2, MAG Devices.

This is revolutionary pricing costing you 0 EUR. Gain advantage by subscribing with us. It will be provided you completly free of charge and automatically after order.

We accept:








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+IPTV channels FOR FREE


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+IPTV channels FOR FREE


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+IPTV channels FOR FREE


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+IPTV channels FOR FREE

Instructions and some tips and tricks

Prio list for emulators-Update 06.12.2019

CCCam Prio
Use it if use CCCam Emulator
MGcamd Prio-Ignore
Use it if use MGcamd
Oscam Prio
Use it for OScam Emu

Its highly recomended to use Our oscam version for viewing of packages

If you use oscam,please send us email to check if you are on oscam server

Our Oscam version can be found on link HERE

Best Softcam for our packages is Oscam ( our version if possible ). It is important to use latest version ( or version 11517 or above that )
Also, it is important to configure Oscam propertly. Contact our support for detailed instructions. Oscam also needs dvbapi file.

Oscam opens more packages than CCcam Server.
Like: Sky De 19.2E, Polaris 1.9E, Bulsatcom on 39.0E, TNT sat 19.2E
To get maximum from server it is important to use prio and dvbapi files.

For stable and freeze free work you need stable and good internet connection and low ping to our datacenter

Who we are, and what we offer?

We are best provider of CCcam content.For large number of our clients we offer premium service without freezing of picture.
Also there are always in use 50 cards for maximum stability.With number of 95 % of users who extend their lines
We are top Europe cardsharing provider.We have very good and fast support, which can answer on almost all questions about this.
Due to this facts, only thing you can do is to join our community.
There is no much space left.
Reserve your ticket right now.
Sincerly yours

How we achieved to be Premium CCcam Server?

We managed to be best pay premium cccam server in Europe , by our work, and also close cooperation with our users.
Premium CCcam server support agents have highest response percentage in all market.With over 100% support query responded to
Also, our main advantage is super fast response time for our premium cccam server users

Best Cccam Server
Also our network is rated as best in whole world. Providing best verified cccam user experience under lowest prices
For that , we use more than 20 Loadbalancing servers. Every cccam network if usage is high, automaticly balances client line for best possible work

Anti Freeze protection
We recently addopted Anti Freeze protocol.
It is 6.1 16x revision . 32 times faster then regular anti freeze protection.
Also our team developed completly VPN secure protection for every user and on every payable cccam server
Due to that provide fastest Zap times on all pacakges available on servers.
Main advantage of our CCcam network is Price / Overal quality service
At very cheap price you will get perfect quality
Despite other providers on market, we provide CCcam test from real production server
You can check quality and strenght of our verified cccam server by testing it
Compared to this if you want to be part of best cccam server, simply contact us.We respond to every message

Why to choose Premium CCcam server

Because only we provide real cards, real support, real reviews. Our customer support is available every day for you
We do Smart routing and loadbalancing of your line, before we deliver you your details, and our system moves you to closest server based on your location
Also we have improved latency on all our CCcam servers, by implementing Server VPN system
Beside that all our servers are behind VPN. Such optimised servers provide you lowest possible zapping time , and lowest time to receive your data package

Service where dreams come true

Enjoy in best rated CCcam , Enjoy in stunning High definition picture, with fastest zapping times
Also that is provided by PremiumCCcam CCcam server.We could not accomplish all that without 5 start rated customer support service
We are here to help you for every your need or every question
You do not have to wait anymore , order one of our plans, and get access to best quality

Our Anycast network

Our team have developed and tested full anycast solution for Pay CCcam.This solution is to provide perfect zapping times
With combination of Anycast loadbalancing and Anycast network we can deliver best quality and stability on Pay CCcam network and as well on our Anycast network
Beside that this is small example how this works: Our Premium CCcam server using anycast cccam which is deployed in most of countries , can provide you fastest latency and through that best quality of service and zap times

CCcam Server network

Our complete server Network is fully developed by our developers.Providing highest quality Pay cccam Server in Europe.
Our team will give you best viewing expirience and get you on highest level of entertainment.Unique in Europe , aka Best CCcam Server.
Best cccam consists from more than 20 loadbalancing servers, which will target you based on your Geo IP.This is key feature from our product.
Join now to our network and take full advantage of our system

Looking for right package?

Your are on right place.Please check our pacakge offers and choose best for you.
We will provide you Best CCcam System on market, supported with more than 20 servers.Get yours here.Our customer support team is ready to assist you every day with your order
Feel free to test our service.

Best CCcam Server

Voted as best CCcams erver in Europe. Highest quality. Great customer support. Our system delivering you best quality cccam
Fastest zap times, most packages in offer, all important packages. IPTV For free. CCcam Servers closest to your location for best possible ECM times

Best CCcam

Why most of people choose our network? Only Premium CCcam have own developed and used Datacenter , VPN network, Anycast Network
Our support is rated as best server support. Providing answers and help on every your request.

CCcam - Ranked as best cccam

Choose correct Premium CCcam

Currently, on the market, you can find a lot of offers which call themselves a Premium CCcam Server. But most of the people choose our service and product for their CCcam partner. Since we provide a free test of cccam server, you can easily see the quality that is provided with our solution, which relays on Antifreeze protection and as well on CDN signal delivery, which will boost your CCcam viewing times a lot. We call you to test our service and see what we offer.

Per our customer reviews CCcam is ranked as best provider. Strongest and fastest connections with free test are available. Join now and see why we are best.

How to use and connect to CCcam Server

Connection is simple. Just enter your CCcam Server details in your box, and you are ready to start watching.

CCcam server for Cable TV Ziggo, Unitymedia, Vodafone

As you may know CCcam is not strictly locked to satellite broadcasting, through Our service you can also look in Cable CCcam for Ziggo, Vodafone, Unitymedia.That is related to best cards we use and also fastest development process for our Cable CCcam Server. So now you are not strictly related to satellite, you can use also Cable TV through CCcam. We provide Ziggo, Unitymedia and Vodafone Kabel De CCcam.

Best choice for CCcam server resellers

Using our imovative solutions you are now able to resell our product under reliable prices. As reseller you will have access to Managment Dashboard which allows you to have your own system of CCcam server. Whole system is white labeled which means that your customer will not know from where service comes. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

FAQ about service provided

What equipment is needed?
You need satellite dish and satellite receiver with Oscam or CCcam support. Prefered is Enigma 2 device.
What internet speeds are needed?
For CCcam and Oscam most important is ping and internet quality. Speed should be at least 5-10 mbps. For IPTV, speed and interent quality is most important. For SD channels, speed is at least 20 mbps, while for IPTV at least 35 mbps.
What equipment is needed for IPTV?
For IPTV you need ‘IPTV box’. Android box, MAG box, Enigma 2 device, Smart TV. IPTV can work also on PC and tablet as well.
Do i need quality reception from my satellite dish or cable tv line?
Yes, signal quality is important, so it should be as high as possible.

More news soon

pay server


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